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Turnkey complete lines

línea de embotellado - línea de empacado - líneas de embotellado - líneas para packaging - líneas industriales completas

Línea de embotellado, Panama City, Eisca Group

EISCA GROUP takes every design and implementation steps of the plants. From the initial consultancy, to the feasibility study and from the project definition in every its details to the concrete realization, delivery and installation.

The whole process

Thanks to the on-site technical staff, our engineers follow the whole procedure for plants installation. From the placement and fine-tuning of the equipment, to the maintenance and training of the Customer’s staff.






Engineering of packaging and bottling lines

Thanks to well-established experience and partnerships with important companies, Eisca Group is able to develop line layouts and flowcharts of customized solutions, according to different needs.

Eisca Group has an increasingly strategic role during development and organization phases, which are necessary for the Client to optimize costs and delivery time:

  • Raw material delivery 

  • Packaging area

  • Storage whorehouse of the end product

  • Shipping and distribution area 

engineering packaging and bottling lines, Eisca Group

and planning

New lines installations

upgrade of
Existing lines

packaging engineering

Internal logistics optimization



Eisca Group organizes and coordinates for its Clients plants, machinery, spare parts and primary materials delivery.

Thanks to the business relationship with global leader in logistics service, Eisca Group guarantees to the client high reliability and protection of the transported materials.

Packaging development & engineering

ok IMG_4494_edited.jpg

In the first phase of project evaluation, Eisca Group studies and defines the development feasibility of Client’s packaging.


Upon Client’s request, Eisca Group can also project and engineer the product packaging. That happened through highly customized and functional solutions during the following steps:


  • Production 

  • Distribution 

  • Sale 

  • Final consumer usage 

Technical assistance

Eisca Group provides qualified labour able to follow the customer in each phase, from installation to after-sales assistance.



ok IMG_4429 2.jpeg

Highly qualified staff

The highly qualified staff guides costumers in order to select and set up personalized maintenance work.

After-sales service

The services’ range available to Customers is also extended to after-sales services. For example, Eisca Group offers line-monitoring projects up to 3 years, in which the customer can purchase a complete package including spare parts and maintenance interventions with scheduled deadlines.



Do you want to automate your packaging process?

Or want to upgrade your existing line?

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