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Tapadora automática de canister, Eisca Group

Four years of research have made possible the realization of the Automatic capping machine for Canisters.

First one in the world.

The first machine in the world with a 4.0 technology which can close canisters on-line during the bottling process.

Eisca Group Capper for canisters makes the difference because it can wrap bottles inside canisters directly on-line, and the all operation is fully automated.


As a consequence, it is possible to:

  • Optimize and speed up the packaging time

  • Decrease long time costs.

Tapadora automática de canister, Eisca Group

The Capper for canisters is totally automated thanks to a vision system which monitors different stages of the process.


Indeed, there are cameras that identify the canister’s position and the bottle inside it, whilst a robot attaches the canister’s cap with high precision.


Finally, an output camera verifies that the cap has been properly closed.

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