Surrounded by medieval towns and Art Nouveau palaces, EISCA GROUP is an Italian company located in the heart of the European packaging & motor valley.

Since 2010, Eisca Group has been in the bottling, beverage, food, chemical and packaging converter sectors. The company has introduced itself on the market with customized turnkey solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

Eisca Group is able to assist and support the Customer in all phases until the line is put into production and the product is placed on the market.

línea de embotellado - línea de empacado - líneas de embotellado - líneas para packaging - líneas industriales completas

Made in Italy


High quality, efficiency, and innovation define the Eisca Group brand, as well as the Made in Italy.

Eisca Group is aimed at a target of prestigious and demanding Costumers, who want to improve the quality and the image of their products, remaining competitive on the market.  


Roberto - Founder & President-11.png

Valerio - General Manager

Roberto - Founder & President-7.png

Angelo - Technical & Electrical Manager

Roberto - Founder & President-9.png

Giorgio - Engineering Manager

Roberto - Founder & President-3.png

Roberto - Founder & President

Roberto - Founder & President-10.png

Simone - Sales Engineer

Roberto - Founder & President-12.png

Rebecca - Marketing & Communication Manager

Roberto - Founder & President-13.png

Alvaro - Installation Technician

Roberto - Founder & President-14.png

Jairo - Mechanical Installation Technician